These are things I made.
These items are all handmade with love and dedication.

  1. Sketching: The Basics is the sequel to the successful Sketching: Drawing Techniques for Product Designers. A book dealing with various drawing techniques, the design for the book had to be fully in support of the drawing style of the autors, Koos Eissen and Roselien Steur. As of this writing Sketching: The Basics is on it’s second printing.

    Sketching: The Basics
    art direction: Booreiland

    Every year, the NVP publishes a report on the Dutch Private Equity and Venture Capital market. In order to make this years report a bit more spicy, we decided to add 2 infographics to help make the complex data contained in this report a bit easier to understand for laymen.

    While adhering to the NVP corporate branding that consists of a bright red and shades of grey, we managed to make the infographics stand out and lighten up a very information-dense booklet.

    BiD Network is an organisation that aims to contribute to sustainable economic growth in emerging countries through entrepreneurship. For their annual report we created a book and a set of cards featuring their projects. Combined they give an easily accessible and expandable overview of the activities of BiD Network.

    art direction by Booreiland

    Toneel Phtuk is a small theatre company from Groningen. To attract viewers to their play Valstrik Voor Een Man Alleen we created a communications package consisting of posters, flyers and a mini-website.

    Phinx is a singer songwriter from Utrecht.
    For the album called Good times Ragtimes Phinx needed a cover that complemented his particular slightly quirky style.
    To achieve the soft feel of the cover we decided to print the cover inside out, so the soft underside of the paper became the cover, matching the handcrafted feel of his music.


    Stibbe is a Dutch law firm with an international network. With their (former) partners Herbert Smith and Gleiss Lutz, they formed a global network, to advise and support their clients worldwide.
    For an advertising campaign they needed a visual that expressed that international network. We came up with a visually appealing infographic that made the connections between the different locations visible in a playful yet clear manner.
    Because of the restraints placed upon the design by the format of the advertisement, the main challenge was to map all the data in a very condensed way.

    art direction: booreiland

    First Floor Productions is a Dutch production company that organizes cultural events, they specialise in festivals and jazz-productions.
    For their recurring Friday-night Jazz sessions we created an attractive poster that communicates the diversity of these jam sessions.

    3 voor 12 Rotterdam is a subdivision of 3 voor 12, a large music network by the VPRO.
    For their 4th anniversary 3 voor 12 Rotterdam organized a big free party in Watt, Rotterdam. For the promotion of this event, they were in need of an attractive flyer.
    The biggest challenge in this design, lay in the large amount of information that needed to be presented. We solved this by designing a very clear, yet attractive, timetable on the back of the flyer.

    When Joost and Renske got married they wanted invitations that reflected both their personalities. In the end we opted for a design with a handcrafted feel, with small drawings that combined their many interests.

  2. Stibbe is a Dutch law firm with an international network. With their (former) partners Herbert Smith and Gleiss Lutz, they formed a global network, to advise and support their clients worldwide.
    To deliver their pitches to their clients they needed a package that would set them well apart from their competitors in the field. The goal was to make their clients feel like they were receiving a gift from Stibbe.
    In the end we created a luxurious box with a golden wrapper that can be supplemented with small containers for USB-sticks, DVDs or old-fashioned printed pitches.

    art direction: booreiland

    Welcome skipper! Your boat is waiting, ready for you and your passengers! Your job is simple: pick up passengers at one dock, move them to the other. That’s all there’s to it. Ship customers, get paid, repeat.

    Ferry Up puts you in the role of a rookie captain, fresh out of boating-school. What sounds like a simple job soon turns out to be a lot harder than you bargained for. The waters are teeming with bigger, faster and meaner ships. All you can do is avoid them and keep shipping your precious cargo.

    Ferry Up is a collaboration with Booreiland and Coding Dutchmen

    Becalming Hurts started out as a solo project by Dutch musician Bram Schultinge. Together with his musical partner Dorieke Berends they create music that manages to mix dark and heavy themes with a tiny light glimmering at the end of the tunnel.

    Becalming Hurts
  3. Artbeats is an an organisation that initiates art-projects and produces video-productions for artists. To facilitate both of these branches of Artbeats, they needed a website.
    We decided to create a elegantly minimal website to showcase their work and the work of the artists affiliated with them.

    The Justice and Reconciliation Project is an organisation that seeks play a key role in transitional justice in Uganda through seeking to understand and explain the interests, needs, concerns and views of communities affected by conflict.

    In order to do so they needed a way to easily and quickly communicate their projects to the community. To this end we built an easily manageable website that lathes into all the different web services The JRP was already using. This way we ensured that their data is always readily available to everyone with an interest in transitional justice.

    Jochie International creates shoes for children. They differentiate between shoes for toddlers (size 18-25) and older children (size 20-40).
    For this they needed 2 different websites that work from the same backend. To make sure they maintained consistent branding across both websites we decided to develop both of these websites at the same time.
    art direction: booreiland

    Play Attention is a device that helps people train their concentration by measuring brain-activity and providing feedback about a persons measure of focus.
    To promote this new product AS&E Psychologen needed a complex website based on a WordPress backend.
    design: booreiland

    Idee4U is a company that redecorates properties that are currently for sale. Because of the difficult housing-market it often pays for the seller to make his house as attractive as possible, so it attracts the most buyers.
    Because the market for redecorating properties for sale is a fairly new one, Idee4U needed a website that clearly outlined the value of their service in an attractive way.

    Simbo is a company specialising in youth-holidays. Their website was in need of a small refresh to make them more attractive to their target audience. We added new typography and refreshed the various graphics that are visible around their website.
    art direction: booreiland

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